“We produce content geared towards the arts, entertainment, creative and cultural organisations.
We want to root storytelling at the heart of our films to create content that truly engages its audience.”

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Full Film 

From concept to the finished edit, this standard package delivers a final film that is uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients and their prospective audience. Additional Cuts Package can be arranged at the clients discretion. This means several films can be edited from a single shoot. Such 'cuts' may be specially structured for social media audiences, for example. 

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Social Media 

This package is designed to specifically meet the needs of a social media audience. It is often produced with the expectancy of being used for paid online advertisement. 

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Project and Events Coverage

With this approach we aim to capture behind-the-scenes of any creative projects or events. We want to capture what is unique about the project and use this as the main catalyst to drive an engaging story. 

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Arts Sponsorship 

We work with the client to create a unique piece of branded content which explores the work of a practising artist. We take the time to recognise the values and qualities of the companies or organisations we work with. Applying this to the Arts Sponsorship Package is key to creating content  which fits the tone of both brand image and the artist.
Branded content can be an incredibly powerful tool for companies and organisations. To find out more, click here. 

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Music + Arts Video 

Meeting the needs of artists, this package visually showcases the work created by any artist, but has particular significance for bands, musicians and the performing arts. 

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Editing Package

Already got your footage sorted? We offer editing-only services to any company at the final stage production.  

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Production + Camera Assistance

Our team also offer services to other production companies who may be looking to take on additional assistance roles for upcoming projects.  

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